Health Risk Assessments

It is the name of the sophisticated screening tools which are designed to assess and promote the health of the people. Basically, it is a well-designed health questionnaire, used to provide individuals with an evaluation of their health risks and quality of life. Different levels of questions are designed to test man, women and children’s health. The questionnaire consists of questions related to day to day life, health-care access, availability of food, and living conditions. Some of the questions which are asked to assess are Demographic characteristics – age, sex, Lifestyle related – exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, diet. Then comes personal and family related questions like medical history, physiological data – weight, height, blood pressure, cholesterol and lastly attitude testing questions like willingness to change behavior and life style to improve health. The main objectives of a HRA are to: inform and provide feedback, estimate the level of health risk and to assess overall health status.

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