PESO III: Physical exercise program for obesity class III - adherence and benefits

August 23-24, 2017 | Toronto, Canada

Emilian Rejane Marcon

Hospital de Cl�?­nicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil

ScientificTracks Abstracts: J Obes Eat Disord

DOI: 10.21767/2471-8203-C1-002


In obese individuals, the exercise provides metabolic, neuromuscular, anthropometric and psychological benefits. It is an important preventive factor and reduces the effects of obesity and promotes a protective effect against the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD). PESO III is a program of physical exercises performed in a public hospital in Brazil that included aerobic and stretching exercises performed in two weekly sessions of up to 60 minutes each, and patients are encouraged to increase the number of steps walked daily. Participants performed the exercise sessions according to their physical condition. They were instructed to perform the exercise within the scheduled time frame, but were permitted to stop it at any time as necessary. Patients participating in this program achieved a significant reduction in body weight, pain and an improvement in functional capacity. This model, we evaluated in a clinical trial with objective to investigate the effect of an exercise program with and without cognitive-behavioral therapy, compared to a control group, on weight, functional capacity, and cardiometabolic profile of morbidly obese individuals in pre bariatric surgery. In this research, we observed that, in 4-month, twice-weekly supervised program of low-intensity physical activity that encourages individuals to adopt more active lifestyle can positively interfere in evaluated parameters with and without the aid of group sessions. We will discuss about how to motivate and prescribe exercises for morbidly obese individuals and to assess the importance of exercise in pre and post bariatric surgery is fundamental.


Emilian Rejane Marcon, Physical Educator, is a Specialist in Sports Training and has completed her Master’s degree in Health Sciences: Cardiology and PhD degree of Medicine in Surgical Sciences. She works at the Hospital de Clínicas of Porto Alegre, which is a university hospital in the southern region of Brazil. She is a member of the staff of Bariatric Surgery of this hospital and is a Students’ Adviser at the University for required and non-required internships at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. She coordinates an exercise program for patients with morbid obesity before and after bariatric surgery (PESO III) and works as a Researcher in this area. She is the President of the Nucleus of Physical Health and Rehabilitation of the Brazilian Society of Bariatric Surgery (SBCBM).

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