Innovations in dementia care

13th World congress on Alzheimers and Dementia
December 06-07, 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anish Shah

CABHI-Baycrest Health Sciences, University of Toronto, Canada

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: J Neurol Neurosci

DOI: 10.21767/2471-8548-C1-003


The Centre for Aging and Brain Health innovation is a solution accelerator focused on driving innovation in the aging and brain health sector. Established in 2015 through funding of $124 million (CAD), it is the result of the largest investment in brain health and aging focused on dementia care in Canadian history, and one of the largest investments of its kind in the world. CABHI is a unique collaboration of health care, science, industry, not-for-profit and government partners whose aim is to help improve quality of life for the world’s aging population, allowing older adults to age safely in the setting of their choice while maintaining their cognitive, emotional, and physical wellbeing. CABHI currently has invested in 175+ projects with over half of them focused in dementia care promoting brain health, early diagnosis and interventions and innovative practices to care for dementia patients. The innovation themes are of aging in place: solutions that enable older adults with dementia to maximize their choice, independence and quality of life regarding where they live; caregiver support: solutions that support caregivers (formal and informal) in providing care to older adults with dementia; care coordination and navigation: solutions that help older adults, caregivers and healthcare providers coordinate care and transitions for older adults with dementia; cognitive health: solutions focused on health promotion, prevention, early diagnostics and slowing the progression of cognitive impairment in aging adults. The presentation will focus on outputs and outcomes highlighting some of the promising solutions that can be scaled and have the potential of making system-wide impact globally. In particular, the solutions for dementia that will be detailed include: devices and software applications that can help dementia patients live independently at home; innovative solutions for maintaining cognitive health, dementia assessment and tools; therapeutic recreation and social engagement, brain health promotion; solutions for dementia care in an institutional setting and solutions for reduction in caregiver burden and stress.



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