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3rd Edition of International Conference on Advanced Spectroscopy, Crystallography and Applications in Modern Chemistry
June 04-05, 2018 London, UK

Nicolas Recalde and Edward Jimenez

South Carolina University, USA Central University, Ecuador

ScientificTracks Abstracts: Struct Chem Crystallogr Commun

DOI: 10.21767/2470-9905-C1-005


The success of Medical Physics and Oncology in the treatment of prostate and breast cancer, with an efficiency greater than 99%, shows us that the resonance produced by the equality of the wavelength of Rx and the Bohr radius at low energies is a sufficient condition for an efficient cancer radiation treatment, while ionization is the necessary condition. Biochemistry and Biophysics converge to demonstrate that the fundamental goal for cancer cure is to inhibit the synthesis of ATP in the cell nucleus and selectively attack tumor cells. We propose that it is possible to achieve a regeneration of ATP at the mitochondria through a resonance of the phosphorus bonds. A resonance region is created in a natural way at the K-shell between the nucleus and the electrons at S-level. The condition for the photons to enter into the resonance region is given by ra>rn + λ. The efficiency of radiotherapy is a function of resonance, ionization and the effective cross-section of phosphorus within the ATP, in terms of correcting cellular metabolism in mitochondria. In addition, resonance is one of the causes of ionization and allows us to measure the efficiency of radiotherapy, which was corroborated with Monte Carlo simulation performed with Geant4. The cancers treated with low energy are cured, because resonances are created in the atom of phosphorus which is a component of the DNA. The other DNA atoms such as: H, C, N and O do not have resonances giving this way stability to the DNA. The phosphorus atom has larger X-ray resonances among the DNA components, having an energy threshold of 2146 eV according to NIST and 1992 eV according to Geant4. We then conclude that radiation cancer treatment using X-rays is efficient only when they produce resonances. We have also coined the term femtoscope which measures dimensions and interactions in the range of femtometers.
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Nicolas Recalde, has worked for 15 years in cancer radiotherapy at Georgetown University Medical Center and Inova Health System, USA. He was Chief Medical Physicist at Potomac Radiation Center in Virgina, USA. Currently he is pursuing his doctorate degree in Physics at University of South Carolina, USA. His research is about low energy associated with miniature X-ray sources and their use for cancer treatment. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Radiology and a member of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

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