Constitutional acupuncture and astrology-effective and quick results when equilibrating the uniqueness of each person

9th International Conference on Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
August 20-21, 2018 Dublin, Ireland

Homero F Bernardo

Tai Institute, Brazil

ScientificTracks Abstracts: Herb Med

DOI: 10.21767/2472-0151-C1-002


Constitutional acupuncture is based on Hippocrates statement: “There is no disease but ill people”. This constitutional understanding of human beings came from very ancient times. In the ancient book “Nei Ching Ling Shu” is stated in its chapter 72 that there were four types of people: Tai-Yang; Shao Yang; Tai Yin and Shao Yin with similar physical and psyquic characteristics and proper tendency of disharmonies of each of these types. Also in India with ayurvedic medicine we find the temperaments like Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire), Kapha (Earth and Water). In Traditional Chinese Medicine we use the five elements with reference to understand different types of people. Many other attempts along human history were made trying to understand the human being as unique, like Unicist Homeopathy, The Enneagram of Claudio Naranjo and astrology among others. A Korean doctor, Dr Eu Won Lee, author’s teacher, brought to Brazil in the 70’s this ancient tradition of constitutional acupuncture to actualize it and spread out through courses, seminars and congresses. Astrology also work with this view, trying to understand humanity in its 12 types of human beings, three types of each of the four elements, with its own particularities; and author, Homero Bernardo, as an astrological student and an acupuncture practicioner, have made this connection between constitutional acupunture and astrology to make it easier the diagnosis and practice of this extraordinary therapy that through the equilibrium of the person as a whole we achieve very nice results in several physical and mental diseases.


Homero F Bernardo is a Physiotherapist, with specilization in Sportive Physiotherapy and works with Acupuncure since 1980. He is the Founder and Director of Tai Institute, a Post Grade Acupuncture School based in the Federal District University Center in Brasilia, Brazil. He is a former Nanjing University student and has visited there twice to lecture on this theme of Constitutional Acupuncture.

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