Focus Scope

This is the first European journal devoted solely to the topic of Advances in kidney Diseases and Treatment. The aim of the journal is to promote the science of improving primary care delivery to patients, families and communities, putting the science of quality improvement at the heart of patient care. The journal is concerned with all aspects of quality, safety and equity in Kidney Diseases including the interface between diagnosis, management, treatment and nutrition.

The journal fulfills the following functions:

encourages the scientific study of quality improvement by publication of relevant research

charts the development of local, national and international quality systems

creates and supports a community of people interested in quality improvement

acts as an ambassador for better patient standards and for quality generally

campaigns for important issues in quality and promotes best practice in quality improvement

acts as a resource for practitioners charged with leading quality in primary healthcare by publishing examples of effective quality improvement projects

debates and critiques health service policy relating to quality

provides a platform for international exchange

promotes a better understanding of patient involvement.

The journal is multidisciplinary. We publish high-quality academic articles, practical ideas based on relevant experiences, quality improvement projects, patient perspective articles, and international exchange of developments. Areas of interest include the organization of quality, clinical governance, clinical audit, patient safety, appraisal and professional development, quality improvement techniques, performance management, patient confidentiality, patient perspective, leadership, risk management, continuous quality improvement, management of underperformance and organizational culture. Details concerning the preparation and submission of articles can be found on the inside back cover of each issue and on the website