Dr. Jie Yin, Institute of Subtropical Agriculture & University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Dr. John A. Tayek, MS, MD, FACP, FACN, Medical Director of Nutrition Day in USA, Professor of Medicine, USA
Dr. Roger Hoi Fung Wong, Assistant Professor (Research) in Metabolic Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University, USA
Dr. A. Mel'nichenko Galina, MD, PhD, Professor, Fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Clinical Endocrinology Institute in Endocrinology Research Centre, Russia
Dr. V. Mazurina Natalya, Senior Research Associate, Department of Therapeutic Endocrinology, Endocrinology Research Center, Moscow, Russia
Dr. Amitesh Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Florida, US
Professor Dr. Suleyman Aydin, Associate Doctor, Firat University, Medical School, Department of Medical Biochemistry (Firat Hormones Research Group), Turkey
Dr. Denis Rousseau, Associate Professor in Molecular Biology and Virology, Laboratory for Fundamental and Applied Bioenergetic, France
Dr. Kader Ugur, Assistant Professor, Endocrinology and Metabolism Disease Department, Firat University, Turkey
Dr. Miao Liu, Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, USA
Dr. Khue Vu Nguyen, Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, University of California, USA
Dr. Sameh Soliman Mahmoud Soliman, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Sharjah,UAE