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Day 2 August 17, 2018


Nano Applications | Nano Science and Technology | Medical Applications in Nanotechnology |

Biomarkers and Personalized Medicine | Cancer and Nanotechnology | Nanomaterials for Drug

Delivery | Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Session Chair

Animesh Jha

University of Leeds, UK

Session Co-Chair

Simon C W Richardson

University of Greenwich, UK


Title: Nanotheranostics: TPGS micelles for early diagnosis and therapy of cancer

Muthu Madaswamy Sona,

University of Singapore, India


Title: Influence of molecular structure and temperature on the adsorption behavior of PEO-PPO-PEO

surfactants: A QCM-D study

Lorenz De Neve,

Ghent University, Belgium


Title: Nano particle targeting assessed by novel photo acoustic and PET imaging: Internal

normalization by multi spectral imaging

Robert K Prudhomme,

Princeton University, USA


Title: Nano-amorphous

Abiraterone acetate

formulation with improved bioavailability and eliminated

food effect

Tamás Solymosi,

NanGenex Inc., Hungary


Title: Controlled release of bovine serum albumin from surfactant modified alginate beads

Nilay Kahya,

Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


Title: Immunoliposomes containing simvastatin, targeted towards EGFR, as potential therapeutic for a

treatment of EGFR-dependent breast cancer tumors

Lucyna Matusewicz,

University of Wroclaw, Poland

Session Introduction