Focus Scope

For scientific research work constantly, but also an integrative review of all the work and results obtained in relation to a particular topic that will generate a real knowledge about that is not only necessary. On the other hand, the growth of scientific production requires health professionals to steady efforts to be "current" in any discipline of medicine. This double role of the integration of knowledge and facilitate its diffusion, Archives born of Medicine.

The journal Archives of Medicine aims to publish scientific articles in General Medicine in Spanish to increase the dissemination of projects carried out in this language. It covers the entire spectrum from basic science to clinical medicine, including research papers, case reports and review articles as special articles. It also gives scientists the opportunity to translate into Spanish articles published in English, so the generated knowledge can be transmitted over them.

Policy Sections


Original articles, reviews and case reports

Clinical Practice Guide
Clinical practice guidelines (GPCs) are recommendations of health professionals systematically developed to guide the practitioner to make the right decisions when the patient has a particular illness. Although this term has been extended to different products, good quality CPGs are documents that raise specific questions and the best scientific evidence available to it, in the form of flexible recommendations to be used in clinical decision making are organized. Among the most important objectives sought with the CPG are the improvement of clinical practice, in the sense that they give scientific support for it, educating professionals and patients who offer the best available scientific evidence, less professional variability improve the Quality of care and ultimately the health of the population.
In general, you can distinguish different types are used depending on the GPC method for processing.

Based on expert opinion.

Based on consensus.

Based on evidence.

Clinical cases

Case reports and small case series


Original research articles and large case series


Clinical Practice Guidelines are excluded

Peer review process

The Editor will identify potential contributors seeking an optimal balance between perspectives, such as clinical efficacy and the rigor of scientific methodology. We will try to have the information from at least two reviewers who report on each manuscript. Several approaches can be used to find collaborators. Of course, other members of the Editorial Board can be consulted. The database of collaborators available in the journal can be searched by name or by area of ​​expertise. Nor is it about unusual recruiting collaborators through literature searches can be done even in the bibliography collected in the manuscript itself. Not all files must undergo a peer review process and this will depend on the decision made by the publisher in charge. We declare that at least 95% of the articles will go through the peer review process. After the reviewers present their decision to editorial process the publisher will continue to depend on the decision of the publisher assigned to that element. If the article is approved by the publisher, this will inform the associated publisher in charge of that number, which followed the topic of the issue will be decided if it is published in that or another number.

Frequency of publication

Archivos de Medicina is a magazine published twice a year. 2 issues per year are published. Being a line items of magazines that are approved for a period of a number will be published immediately in the magazine. Immediately after the publication will be notified of the authors that your article was published. After the period number (2 months) to close a general message was sent through social networks and that will launch official of that number.