Trends in Digital Learning and Nursing Education in India

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Covid 19 pandemic has changed the way education system operates in India. Due to lock down, infection rate and high mortality educational sector came to a total halt to safe guard the lives of young citizens. This brought in more innovations in the way the teaching learning which was executed in the schools and higher education institutes. Nursing education being a skill-oriented profession saw the utmost challenge. Also, the students in many places were asked to report for the hospital duties to care covid patients due to a very large dearth in the nursing staff at the hospitals.

The college administrators had to schedule duties for the students on the other hand the challenge of completing their syllabus, ensuring the students to appear for the final exams. These challenges became an opportunity to welcome digital learning in nursing system. Indian Nursing Council and Regional councils helped the colleges to execute digital learning by way of their circulars, notifications, faculty development programmes, publishing online modules and encouraging nursing fraternity to get over the fear of digital learning.

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