Study of HIV status in cases of s.t.ds in shanti id clinic.vadodargujarat, India

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The prospective study was carried out for detecting the prevalence of HIV in sexually transmitted diseases (S.T.D) cases at Shanti infectious diseases clinic at Vadodara, Gujarat, India from January 2018 to May 2020. Out of 400 cases of sexually transmitted diseases, 317 (79.23 %) were males and 83 cases (20.75%) were females. Screening of HIV test was done by Elisa test and was confirmed by Western blot test. Amongst 400 cases 300 cases (75.00%) were in age group of 20 to 50 years, 34 cases (8,55%) were of 0 to 20 years, 66 cases 916.25%) were above 50 years. Out of 400 cases 87 cases (21.75%) were syphilis, 45 cases(11.25%) were cancroid, 73 cases (18,25%) were gonorrhea, 110 cases (27.50%) were genital herpes, 11 cases (2.75%) contagiosum 44 cases(11,00%)genital scabies, 9 cases (2.755) cytomegalovirus infection and 21 cases (5,24%) were having lympho-granuloma venerium. Out of 400 cases of sexually transmitted diseases, 67 cases (16.76%) were HIV positive, amongst which 61 cases (91.04%) were HIV1 and remaining 6 cases (8.96%) were HIV2. Although there is plausible link between STI and HIV risk, intervention studies continue to be disappointing. This does not disprove a causal link, but mechanisms of action and the design and implementation of interventions need to be better understood.

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