Significance of Nurses in Human Resource for Health

Anil Obaid*

Teaching Hospital, University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan

*Corresponding Author:
Anil Obaid
Teaching Hospital, University of Lahore
1 Km Defence Road, Raiwind Road
Lahore, Pakistan
Tel: +92042111865865

Received date: July 04, 2017; Accepted date: July 10, 2017; Published date: July 15, 2017

Citation: Obaid A. Significance of Nurses in Human Resource for Health. Integr J Glob Health. 2017, Vol. 1 No. 2: 9.

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Human resource management is one of the most important foundation in health care system. When countries honestly spend his wealth on its people then the results are satisfied and motivated workforce that provides high standard health care services and a country that achieves his health objectives, which contributes in the betterment of community in providing excellent health care services.


In Pakistan, the emergency departments of tertiary care hospitals are so rushed and busy that they didn’t use any unique and innovative ambulatory community based models of care, to look after the effects of long term illness and in result the outcomes are expensive and below expectations. The hospitals especially tertiary care hospitals are not well prepared and equipped to manage such critical patients because the management is poor and they are totally dependent on the government in terms of finance. We are producing inadequate primary health care workforce and force them to work in such health care settings which are incapable of managing the patient with multiple illness. As a result, the number of chronically ill patients coming in tertiary care hospitals continue to rise.

This doubles the demand of health care team in developing countries like Pakistan that is still in a trap of deadly transferable irresistible maladies. Nursing has tried imaginative models of care that advance the objectives of policymakers for wellbeing changes like extending access, enhancing quality and security, and lessening costs. Extending these models of care to the overall population will be troublesome without activity to reinforce the future of medical attendant workforce. We need highly qualified nurses which had vast experience not only in clinical site but also in human resource management. The quantity of such nurses is very low which do M-Phil and PHD. On the other hand, most of the nurses like to work at clinical site and as a result there were very few who likes to come in Human Resource Management. There were many opportunities in HRM and it’s very important for Pakistani nurses to join this domain of nursing. Most of the nurses in health care system thinks that HRM is totally different from nursing but in actual it is also a sub branch of Nursing. If we had good, efficient and competent nursing managers than our profession will not only flourish but the respect of our profession will also increase.

Human Resources for Health Crisis

According to a recent survey Pakistan is among the world’s 57th country that are facing Human Resource for Health Crises. Pakistan has a shortage of nurses and is also not producing sufficient nurses required to meet the needs of the growing population. The underproduction of nurses is not only the reason of shortage of nurses rather there were also a huge amount of nurses which loves to work in west and gulf countries. Some of the indirect causes of nursing shortage which has great impact are totally ignored are as bellows:

Social unrest in a majority of war hit areas of the country, inferior status of nurses in society, insufficient number of quality nursing education institutes, feminist perception of nurses as females only, lack of career advancement in nursing profession, lack of continuous nursing education, presentation of unethical image of nurses in electronic media, lack of law implementation, lack of retention policies, lack of incentives for distant placements, and poor working conditions in most of the public as well as private hospitals.


The following are some of the recommendations regarding the key concerns that national and international agencies are:

(1) Defining the basic human asset approach, arranging and administration aptitudes for national human asset chiefs who now work in a decentralized domain, and creating preparing projects to outfit them with such abilities,

(2) Supporting examination that spotlights on enhancing the learning base of how decentralization has affected on workforce value; and

(3) Identifying elements that engage wellbeing workforce inspiration and execution after decentralization, and examining the best practices to enhance and look after them.


Not only nurses but the higher authorities in hospital administration does not give any importance to human resource for health in nursing. They only thing that it is one sided domain and can’t be related to any other profession. On the other hand, if it is given importance not only by nurses but hospital higher authorities then we can improve health care setup not only in hospital but also at community level. It is the responsibility of the nursing schools and hospitals to motivate the students and nursing staff to engage in Human resource for Health.

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