Monitoring cryptocurrencies exchanges to trace cyber-crime activities.


Cybercrime is a growing threat. No industry is safe from such threat, in particular ransomware that represented about a quarter of the cyberattacks in 2022 .With the exploding double-extortion ransomware attack, the attackers demand a ransom not just to decrypt the stolen data but to refrain from releasing it publicly.

Cybercriminals are more and more often asking for payment though bitcoins. With an increasing bitcoin price, the number of ransomware infections is expected to explode in 2022.

How to trace these payments to collect evidence on the cybercrime organizations behind these?

This presentation is providing an introduction to the topic: ·

.The cryptocurrency market related to cybercrime activities ·

.A technical overview on how cryptocurrencies exchange is working

.How can investigators trace transactions? 

.The challenges

Some tools and companies providing such solutions and services.

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