Loss of Anteversion in Left-Sided Hemiarthroplasty with the Use of Modular Threaded Inserters

Appropriate restoration of the native femoral ante version is important for achieving stability of the joint in hemiarthroplasty and total hip arthroplasty. Ante version of the femoral component is obtained differently in a right versus a left hip; clockwise torque is required on the right while counterclockwise torque is required on the left. Counterclockwise torque on a threaded inserter of the femoral component on a left sided hemiarthroplasty causes loosening of the inserter into the femoral component and translates to a possible loss of ante version during insertion. The author suggests an acute awareness of this phenomenon when preparing the femur in a left sided hemiarthroplasty so that appropriate attention and care can be maintained during this step.

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