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Kundalini Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Darshna Parmar*

Department of Anatomy and Physiology, College of Stonebridge, London, England, United Kingdom

*Corresponding Author:
Darshna Parmar
Department of Anatomy and Physiology
College of Stonebridge, London
United Kingdom
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: March 03, 2021; Accepted Date: March 17, 2021; Published Date: March 24, 2021

Citation: Parmar D (2021) Kundalini Magnetic Resonance Therapy. J Women’s Health Reprod Med Vol.5 No.2:9.

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Objectives: To recognise and correlate the synergy of subjective healing through ancient medicinal holistic practice in conjunction with quantum theory and unified physics. The connection between sexual energy flow (kundalini) birth and development of pre-natal cognition on an intuitive level. Resulting in natural conceptions and births.

Method: Using meditation and deep brainwave activity of theta, alpha and gamma states to induce healing within the body. Coaching and mentoring mothers pre-conception to develop pre-natal cognition and connection to the soul of their child developed and facilitated a healing and releasing of limiting beliefs within their subconscious mind. Changes occurred on a cellular level at different paces according to the subjective nature of the woman. The results were dependent on right and left brain personalities, Ayurvedic body type, emotional tendencies and a spiritual connection to their sexual organs and intimacy within their relationships.

Results: Healthy pregnancies leading to a confident post-partum period. Women having a deeper connection to their bodies. A wider comprehension of the link between spiritual energy having a direct influence at cellular level. The subjective nature of healing is down to the inner work of meditation, releasing of limiting beliefs via the subconscious and an understanding of her core primal response to her sexuality. These all combined as a holistic practice. The KMRT® model was born.


Birth; Pregnancy; Meditation; Brainwaves; Ayurveda; Quantum theory


To observe the various synergies of electromagnetic healing during pre-conception, pregnancy and birth as a natural phenomenon. Sexual energy the life force known as Prana Kundalini, is the most potent energy created within the electromagnetic fields of the body. When connected emotionally to this energy. It can heal at cellular level. It can be directed via breathe work, movement and conscious meditative focus. Relaxation occurs and reception of endorphins takes place. The same energy is activated during sexual intercourse. The body’s biological response is the same as a response to an orgasm [1].

Accessing deep brainwaves of gamma which occur through orgasm. A natural response of pleasure is triggered within the body and becomes attuned to higher states of consciousness with a secretion of healing hormones [2]. Over time the cells create a memory much like the transcription of DNA, which activates epigenetic markers in the body bringing, healing states and openness within the brain activity.

The magnetic field of the heart reaches out several feet away from the human body [3]. It is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy within the human body and beyond the body’s auric field. It produces the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. It is more than a 100 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain.

During practice of heart brain coherence via meditation. The expectant mother preconception and during pregnancy develops an intuitive knowing of her baby. Pre-cognitive Awareness produced by an emotional connection using her unconscious and conscious beliefs as a marker to a deeper connection to her body, her soul and her child. Heart brain coherence is having a focus between the brainwaves, thoughts and emotions that arise within you, through your unconscious and conscious thoughts held by your beliefs and taking it through the heart by creating the thought through love.

The aim was to see the connection between sexual energy flow (kundalini) birth and development of pre-natal cognition on an intuitive level. Stabilising the Vagus nerve. Resulting in natural conceptions and births.


Using ancient methods of meditation and a connection to nature with observations of the moon. These women were encouraged to practice meditation and start to have a positive belief of an incoming child. Developing a symbiotic resonance with their physical body. Aligning with the cycles of the moon and coaching to uncover the unconscious mind.

They aligned with their own personal nature through natural light. Using their left and right brain processes in a balanced flow. Hormonal levels of serotonin and melatonin relevant to their body absorption were activated. Many of the women felt a spiritual connection to their child’s soul pre conception. The terminology of which I use ‘The Spirit Baby’. This is the energy form on a subatomic level which can be felt through multi-dimensional meditative states of consciousness via deep brainwaves of alpha, theta and gamma. The women started to feel the essence of their child through this pre-natal awareness. Bringing the mother into alignment with the soul she is birthing emotionally which correlated to her health.

The pain pathways of labour being the same nerve pathways activated during sex for pleasure. Such as the pudendal nerve. Are potential pathways of energy flow accessed by conscious thought [4].

The Practise of intimacy on an emotional level themselves and knowledge of their body’s response to their cycles during the menstrual phases and recognition of emotions arising during sexual intercourse. Gave these women a deeper insight into their bodies and soul as one connection. Therefore using their sexuality on a spiritual level producing an inner alchemy [5]. Releasing the fear of a painful birth.


The results appeared in the format of a time structure of energy and matter. Healing within the frame work of the electromagnetic field of the human body [6]. Energy being the consciousness and matter being the physical body responding back to the consciousness. Somatic to autonomy.

The women who were willing to dive deeper into their sub conscious. By understanding their conscious and unconscious beliefs. Created a meditative practise along with supportive measures such nutrition, lifestyle, knowing their Ayurvedic body type [7]. Along with coaching through their conception journey became pregnant easily and naturally even though the intention was IVF.

The woman, who did the work partially and not consistently, still got pregnant. However it just took longer. The spiritual aspect of prenatal cognition activated their bodies into becoming fertile and during pregnancy developed a deeper bond to the baby’s partner and extended peers. This is extremely important to follow through into the post-partum period.

Successful outcomes for natural births were a result of tantric yoga practise and emotional bonding to their sexual organs. Facing fears about giving birth and placing priority on their beliefs and emotional processing gave them a new focus into becoming a mother. Not from the conditioned mind influenced by society, family culture or religion.


Connection to the womb and practise of moving energy via the KMRT®. Resulted in safe healthy pregnancies and birth. Kundalini energy works in a rhythmic motion, symbiotic in nature to the individual woman following her connection to her sexual organs with her tantric flow of yogic practice in her physical body. Merging the left and right brain activity as one flow. The energetics of fertility pregnancy and natural birth is the comprehension of synergy within a woman’s birthing core, as a synergistic energy exchange.


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