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Interdisciplinary Healthcare Services Research: Optimizing Patient- Centered Outcomes

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Abstract: Interdisciplinary healthcare research has been shown to produce more accessible, applicable, exciting and realistic knowledge than traditional disciplinary approaches. The importance of interdisciplinary healthcare research stems from its ability to build the future T-shaped clinician. In other words, a clinician who has deep expertise in their specialty along with appropriate knowledge in other healthcare-related skills that comes from different healthcare specialties. Examples of this type of research include: Ambulatory clinics (anticoagulation, dyslipidemia, pain management, oral chemotherapy, medication therapy management, etc.), patient education & support (disease, medications, lifestyle), monitoring objective and subjective data, patient care plan adjustments, inpatient patient-centered services such as: medication reconciliation, therapeutic drug monitoring, developing diagnosis & treatment algorithms, policies and protocols. This presentation aims to explore the importance of interdisciplinary healthcare services research, and to discuss the value of pharmacy services upon admission to an orthopedic surgery unit.

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