Industrial cleaner production of well-stabilized silver nanoparticles using environmental benign polymer

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It should now be appreciated that, there is an unmet need for a low-cost technique and chemicals as well for the production of well-stable, high concentration, green synthesized colloidal silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) having controlled size suitable for industrial applications. Starch is one of the natural polysaccharide, available, inexpensive and benign biopolymer that is used for the production of AgNPs. The challenge in this instant work is to make starch as much as soluble in cold water without any change in its morphological structure. To do such challenge, sodium form of native rice starch is prepared by the aid of alkali at room temperature. The end product is called sodium starchate that act as both well-stabilizer and reducing agent for the formed AgNPs. Characterization of AgNPs was performed using, UV-vis, TEM and EDX tools. Silver nanoparticles of different concentrations (100, 500, 1000 and 2000ppm) and size (6-20nm) have been successfully prepared in one path at 60oC in short time. Additionally, the green synthesized silver nanoparticles can be used widely in variety of health care, medicinal, and industrial antimicrobial agent for promoting healing of wounds and reducing inflammation associated with burns. Salient feature and characteristics together with unique properties would render the newly formed silver nanoparticles based products competitive in local, regional and international markets because the stability of the formed colloidal silver nanoparticles reaches for more than 2 years without any further agglomeration.

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