How to create a culture of empowerment around your zero-waste program

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This presentation is a critical must-see for anyone seeking tangible strategies to drive engagement in their zero waste programs. The presentation will include key strategies that have been proven to work in numerous fortunes 500 companies who are leading the way in sustainability. Key learning objectives (attendees will leave with the following actionable knowledge): • How to effectively plan a zero waste program and identify and overcome any potential challenges • Practical advice on how to engage custodial teams, staff and students to ensure the success of your zero waste program • A thorough understanding of how the “3C Process” drives cultural change within their organization to assist them in reaching their zero waste goals Are you set up for success or failure? • An overview of key areas that are critical for program success from waste hauler contracts, financial restrictions, equipment, custodial challenges and high contamination issues. • How to identify where your organization is now regarding culture. • An overview of the 3C Process best practices for zero waste success (Culture, Communication, Collection) How to effectively drive change in the culture to bring about sustainability success • The impact of senior leadership • Practical tips on how to engage employees and custodial team in the zero-waste program • Extended Producer Policies • Overview of Langley Events Centre case study – used the “3C Process” to reduce landfill waste by 63% • Overview of Xcel Energy Center case study – how they increased their diversion rate to 66% using the “3C Process”

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