Heal Yourself through Emotional Alynement

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When we feel an emotion, what we are really sensing is the vibration of a particular energy. Emotions are bodily sensations with a specific energetic frequency or vibratory signature. Emotions, therefore, are designed to move. The problem is, we tend to only allow the flow of positive emotions without any resistance. We typically do not hear of anyone dying from bliss. One of the reasons why is because we do not resist bliss in the body. We crave it and will allow it to flow with gratitude, hoping it stays for a while so we can immerse ourselves in it even longer. We do not trap it or compound it. We simply allow it to flow with ease and grace questionnaires (60%). There were 55 males;mean age at trauma was 46 years. Average follow-up was 130 months.22 were classified as Sanders type 2, 39 as Sanders type 3, and 19 as Sanders type 4. 40 were joint depression and 40 were tongue-type fractures. There were no significant differences in Sanders classification between the groups treated with ORIF and PSF (P = 0.379). Mean AOFAS, MFS, SF-36, Science and medicine once told us that thoughts and emotions originated in the brain. However, modern research demonstrates that thoughts and emotions are subjective sensations felt first by the body. After the emotion is processed as a sensation that is felt, the brain creates a narrative of thought based on our past conditioning. 

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