EuroSciCon Conference on Biomedical Engineering

Samer Ellahham

Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, American University of Beirut, UAE.

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Euroscicon has been successfully executed Biomedical Engineering Conference. We must thank all our attendees, MENA Plaza Hotel Albarsha, Conference Centre Staff, the Organizing Committee, Ad-Sponsors, Media partners and everyone else that helped to make this Euroscicon Conference on Biomedical with the theme, Approaching advancements in Biomedical Engineering a huge successful conference.

Our Attendees were blessed to explore latest discoveries and ground breaking innovations in the biomedical sciences that they were seeking, and that their role in the field has been enhanced via their participation. They got an opportunity to utilize all the facilities including the networking, business to business and were able to share and to attain the latest and challenging approaches and field studies in the frontier areas of biomedical.

The key Focused Highlights for our Biomedical Engineering 2019 Conference were biomedical engineering researchers, Educators biomedical engineering technology and Young Researchers, Radiologists, Biomedical Engineering Scientists, Biomedical Engineering Scientists, Nuclear Medicine Physicians, Radiation Therapists, Neurosurgeons, Pharmaceutical Industries etc.

Some of the Eminent Organizing Committee Members for Biosciences 2019

Sergey Suchkov , Professor, Dept of Pathology, Cairo Univesrsity, Egypt

Samer Ellahham, Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, American University of Beirut, UAE

Salah Ibrahim, Professor, Anaesthesia & Pain Relief Department, Cairo Univesrsity, Egypt

Ramesh Gupta, Professor, Medicinal & Bioorganic Chemist, Radha Govind University, India

Segundo Mesa Castillo, Professor, Department of Neurology, Institute of Neurology of Havana, Cuba

Ali Alavi, Laboratory Supervisor, Molecular Genetics lab, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

Notable Speakers of Biosciences 2019

Prof. Rostov-on-Don, Faculty, Southern Federal University, Russia

Prof. C. Vasantha kalyani, Faculty, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh, India

Prof. Saeed Biroudin, Medicine Department, Medical Council, Iran

Prof. Forouzan Akrami, Department of Biomedical, Ministry of Health & Medical Education, Iran

Prof. Mohammad Hossein Asgardoon, Dept. of Pharmacology-Toxicology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Finally, Biomedical Engineering 2019 gave justice to the theme “Approaching advancements in Biomedical Engineering”

All thanks to our Media partners also for associating with us.

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SAVE THE DATE, Biomedical Engineering 2020 is coming!

Followed by the Successful execution of the Biomedical Engineering Conferences, We are hosting our next version “Biomedical Engineering 2020” in Valencia, Spain on Dec 04-05, 2020.

The theme focused for the Biomedical Engineering Meet is approaching advancements in Biomedical Engineering.

All your coordination with us for our Biomedical Engineering 2020 involves extraordinary bliss and fervor. We anticipate all of you sharing your amazing information, examine thoughts and to make a sprinkle with new improvements at this 2-days occasion.

This time we have included some new features for our Biomedical Engineering Congress.

Biomedical engineering researchers, Educators, biomedical engineering technology and Young Researchers, Radiologists, Biomaterial & Engineering, Cardiovascular, Bio fluids, Drug Engineering & Gene Delivery, Artificial organs Engineering etc.

Biomedical Engineering 2020 aims to bring all the life science professionals for our Biomedical Engineering Meeting to interact and share their knowledge and their newest research to the entire life science streams.

Also this time, Our Valencia Biomedical Engineering Conference will be focus destination for the International Life Sciences Societies, Associations, and Organizations. This event will bring together Scientists, Directors, Professors, Students from academia and researchers in the field of Biomedical sciences, Government officials and global leaders to drive up with most innovative discoveries, strong challenges and Research.

Biomedical Event is expecting more than 200+ Participants to enlighten the program. This time the Valencia Biomedical Engineering Conference will organize several Oral and Poster Presentations/Networking Sessions/Workshops/Symposiums/Exhibition as we have introduced some new tracks to bring in more participants.

We are looking forward for the Biomedical Engineering Conference to be successful just as the Biosciences 2019 Conference!

We cordially invite all the Lifesciences and Biosciences Professionals, Delegates, Researchers, and Students to make your physical presence in Valencia on Dec 04-05, 2020.

Biomedical Engineering 2020

Oriana Hansen

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