Energy and environment

Sabah yousaf*

Department of natural resource management,Pakistan

*Corresponding Author:
Sabah yousaf Department of natural resource management,Pakistan; E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: Ocotober 28, 2020; Accepted date: August 16, 2021; Published date: August 26, 2021

Citation: Sabah yousaf (2021) Energy and environment, J Environ Res.Vol.5.No.1.

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Pakistan is developed country and continuously supply energy to other countries. The world nonrenewable energy resources like fossil fuel will be depleted in future as soon because the demand of energy resources day by day increasing. As demand increase the supply will be decrease so then the energy resources depleted. Pakistan have many resources issues and also face energy resources crisis. Like electricity crisis, natural gas crisis, and other fossil fuel crisis. Renewable energy sources use to solve the electricity crisis and natural gas. Like use wind energy and solar energy to produce electricity. And use biomass to produce similar type of fuel like crude oil and natural gas. Now a day the use of energy resources is increasing day by day because of human activities.


Energy resources, fossil fuel, electricity crisis, natural gas.


In south Asia the Pakistan is developing country. With a population of 180 million. Pakistan is rich in natural resources and energy resources. The big resource in Pakistan Thar coal Pakistan is rich in coal energy resource. Hydropower is also a big energy resource such as therbilla dam. And natural gas resource which is present in Balochistan.

According to (Usman Raza. 2015) Pakistan supply many energy resources to other countries that like nonrewable energy resources fossil fuel etc. economic is facing problems due to high demand of energy resources. As the demand of energy resources are increase the supply will decrease. That is way the nonrenewable energy resources like fossil fuels are depleting. Pakistan’silowileveliofidevelopmentiandiindustrializationiisiinilargeipartidueitoithisilowileveliofienergyiresources.iSoilargeienergyiimportidependenceiisidueitoiitsipoorienergyiresourcesibase[1].iTheienergyidemandiisigrowingibutitheisourcesiareiinadequateiforifutureidevelopmentiandigrowth.iTheseiareitheiproblemsiandichallengesiwhichihaveitoibeimetiinifuture.



Renewableiresources.i (hydeliandinuclear)

Nonirenewableiresources. (coal,igasiandioil)i

Otheriresources.i(Solarienergy.iEnergyifromitheisuni,Tidalienergy.iEnergyithroughitidesofitheisea,Geothermalienergy.iEnergyifromiwhereivolcanesierupt,Windienergy.iEnergyithroughitheiwind, Bio-gasienergy.iEnergyithroughifossils).

Primary sources

Oilii30.8%, Natural Gasii49.5%, Electricityi12.5%, Coali6.5%, Nucleari1%.


Energy situation in Pakistan

TotalienergyiconsumptioniiniPakistanicomprisesi66ipercentifromicommercialienergyiresourcesiandi34ipercentifrominonicommercialiresources.iTheiresourcesiwhichiareiusediinicommerciallyisuchiasinaturaligas, oil,icoal,iandielectricity.i


 Oil energy resource in pakistan there are many areas where oil wells are paresent. Pakistan have many natural resources and rich in every resources in oil resource also. But problem is this many areas where oil resources is present but in that area not any machinery facility by which this resource can get. And many rural areas where that place owners not give permission to government to get these resources. Mostly in balochistan many resources are present because in balochistan many mountainious places where these resources are present but not have that much facilities to get oil natural resource. In Panjab, Sindh, there are also many oil wells. If use this oil natural resource in a sustainable way so we can use this in present and save for future. This is nonrenewable resource so we use this resource carefully because this natural resource take hundred years to replenish. Our production of oil is not that much low but problem is this we import oil to other countries that is why we face problems.

Natural Gas resources

In pakistan the natural gas resource is present in balochistan and many other places. balochistan is supply gas facility to many areas but in balochistan the many areas like khuzdar, kalat, surab, and many other cities where not gas facilities. And people face the gas crisis and many other issues related to gas. Mostly in winter season the gas pressure has low because in winter the demand of gas increase. Other fields are also supply gas to many areas because two and three field not enough to supply all over the Pakistan. But mostly balochistan supply gas resource in Pakistan.


Coal is nonrenewable resource it is mostly found in mountainous areas. Coal is use for many purposes. It is very dangerous for worker how work in coal place. Many accidents were happened in coal areas. In Pakistan coal is present in balochistan, Sindh, Punjab. But the quality of coal is present Thar. Which is situated in Sindh Provence.

Electrical energy

There are many sources by which we produce electricity. Such as hydel thermal units, wind, solar energy etc. The major units are iTheimajoriunitsiareitarbela,imanglaiwarsak,ikotri,ietc. ihydelipoweriprojectsiareiabouti10iininumberandiproducingi41.35ipercentiofitheitotaliproductioniwhileithermaliisiabouti8iininumberianditheyiareiproducingi58.65ipercentiofitheitotaliproduction.

Figure 1: Show the percentages of electricity generation by source.

Energy resources issues andicrisisiiniPakistan

Pakistan is facing energy crisis from last four decades. Current increase in electricity and gas prices is due to this crisis. Pakistan produce 81% of its electricity through oil and gas which cost us about 9.4 billion per year. Pakistan have failed to meet the growing demand for electricity leading to major load shedding. Pakistan generation capacity over the period 2004 to 2012 increased only by 16% while peak demand increased by 27.5%. Pakistan is not only facing problem in electricity sector but also in gas sector[2]. The gap between demand and supply of gas is around 50% which is higher than the current gap of demand and supply in electricity sector and it’s very hard to close in near future.















Producing electricityilessithanitheiriactualicapacity.

Effects of energy crisis

Energy crisis has affected the economic growth pattern, agriculture and industrial system . May be other problems many other problems in our country because of energy crisis. Such as social, evil, crime, unemployment, poverty and others are below.

Slow industrialization.






Low investment.


We can solve the energy crisis and issues by different ways as by long and short time and we can make the situation batter for future. We should use energy resources in a sustainable way. And highlight the efficient use of energy[3]. Don’t waste energy resources. Make the power plants like microhydel. Wind energy, and other resources which produce electricity. Construction of small dams and other reservoirs for storing the water. Develop a projects like hydel projects and thermal projects. It is important that control of rapid population growth. And use energy resources when they need not extra use of energy resources.


Pakistan is developing country. Pakistan has many natural resources in every province. If we talk about energy resources so many energy resources like fossil fuel, electricity, natural gas and many other energy resources are present. There are many techniques by which electricity can produce or generate such as hydel, wind, solar, thermal, coal, etc. with the time industries develop they use energy in the form of electricity and fuel like gas, and oil. Now a day’s energy is important component in our daily life. If we use more and more energy in our daily life so this can be a big issue in future. When the demand of energy is increase the supply will decrease. In Pakistan the big energy crisis is electricity crisis and gas crisis because with the time population is increase and industries develop so the demand of electricity and fuel increasing day by day.


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