Development of an Automated Hospital Infection Control Surveillance Toolkit

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Infection control systems allow the healthcare facility to detect, manage, prevent and control the infection or risk of infection. It helps to improve healthcare quality by allowing hospital infection control (HIC) team to focus on prevention and intervention efforts during the outbreaks. To design, develop and implement an automated HIC surveillance Toolkit for Infection Prevention and Control Department based on user requirements. This study was carried out in a multi-speciality hospital in Southern India. The study was carried out in four phases; the first phase included the observation of current documentation practice of Infection Prevention and Control Department. During the second phase, a formal discussion was conducted with the infection control team to collect the data to add to the HIC surveillance toolkit. HIC surveillance toolkit, allows the HIC team to capture, store, manage data, compare, and calculate the infection control rate and compliance rate. It also increases the ease of surveillance and reporting. It aids in reducing hospital-acquired infection (HAI) rates, simplifies the workflow of HIC and improves healthcare quality.

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