Dental food impingement is compensatory with proper restoration : a clinical recommendation

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Major oral discomfort related to periodontal diseases, pain, halitosis, gingivitis, hypersensitivity, cervical caries, and gingival recession; altogether is the part consequences of food impingement/impaction. Dentistry should deal with rebuilding the proper anatomy of teeth in case of direct or indirect restoration which can ultimately resolve the problem along with proper periodontal treatment.  Impingement of food particles is a high incidence phenomenon among dental patients. A retrospective case analysis revealed food impingement always happens in proximal sites of dental prosthesis along with a rate of 15.9% case where 89 cases were found out of 561 patients on the mesial side and 11.6% on the distal side. Lower jaw frequency was 70 cases out of 456 patients was 15.4%, but the same study revealed at upper jaw (maxillary) cases were 13.2% which was lesser than the lower jaw (mandibular) region. The prevalence of the posterior region (premolar & molar) (15.4%) was higher than the anterior (incisor to canine) segment (12.1%) of the jaw.

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