Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability.

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Development comes as a result of various factors which include political stability, religious harmony, social integration, cultural development and socio-economic development. This stems from a well rounded, aggressively  pursued and diversified economy. Other factors include a well managed, conserved and protected environment. Yet, if a town, city or country is heavily polluted and degraded, even though the economy is well developed as a result of industrialization, urbanization and technological development and expansion, there is still a crutch in the ideology of  environmental sustainability.  In other words, no matter how well developed a country is, the overall  effect of pollution is largely detrimental to its environmental sustainability.

This paper, Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability, seeks to address the problem of air pollution and how it has affected our climate in varying degrees. It also expatiates on the sources and causes of air pollution on biodiversity and natural ecosystems; also looking at the various ways in which we can help to mitigate and ameliorate the gruesome effects of air pollution and climate change on environmental sustainability.

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