Announcement of 4th International Vaccine R&D Congress


We feel delighted to the participants from all over the world to attend the “4th International Vaccine R&D Congress” to be scheduled for August 24-25, 2022 in London, UK. The conference focuses on the theme "New Innovations in the field of Vaccines and Immunology". It will provide a global platform to discuss current and future developments and advances in vaccines, immunology research, infectious diseases research and next-generation vaccines. Vaccines Conferences 2022 brings together Vaccine scientists from industry, academia, and regulatory agencies along with business delegates to discuss recent developments and future trends in the field of vaccine process development and production. Vaccines R&D Congress will be a 2- day event with series of keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations, panel discussions involving luminaries in the field of Vaccines & Immunology. The global vaccine market is segmented into technology, indication, end-user and region. According to the technology, the market is divided into Recombinant and Conjugated Vaccines, Live Attenuated Vaccines, Inactivated Vaccines, Toxoid Vaccines, and others. classified as Pneumococcal Disease, Influenza, Human Papillomavirus, Meningococcal Disease, Rotavirus, Chickenpox, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough and Tetanus (DPT), Polio, Hepatitis; Measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and other indications Depending on the end user, the market is divided into pediatric, adult and traveler. Depending on the region, the market in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) is analyzed. Europe (Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy and rest of Europe), Asia Pacific (Japan, China, India, Australia and rest of Asia Pacific) and LAMEA (Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and rest of LAMEA).

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