Analysis of innovation management as a competitive strategy: A study of the gastronomic sector of the municipality of Playas de Rosarito, B.C., Mexico.

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This work aims to identify he degree of innovation management with respect to the implementation of digital tools as a competitive strategy of the SMEs of the gastronomic sector of Playas de Rosarito Baja California. Whit the application of the descriptive-agglomerative longitudinal method. The data collection technique was the structured survey with a Cronbach alpha of 0.89, applied to a sample of 150 micro-enterprises in the locality. The analysis of the data was performed by using the SPSS statistical package, dendrogram and tree maps The most  representative findings of this study  show that  social networks such  as Facebook   and Instagram are the most effective; because they are the ones that come directly to their target market, which in turn become their best allies by having a satisfactory experience; which translates to recommending to their family and friends such establishment.

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