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Agribusiness pull and push factors for emerging entrepreneurs in the South African context

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The aim of this study was to explore the pull and push factors for emerging entrepreneurs in the agribusiness sector. The study pursued this aim through an integrative literature review of articles from two leading Journals selected for their convenience as open access Journals as well as for their fit of purpose for the study. Articles reviewed were identified through the bibliographical snowball tracing technique. The results showed that notable pull factors for agrientrepreneurship include the attractiveness of government policy to agribusiness, an expanding market for agro products and the development of technology driven innovative tools that have broken previous barriers in the sector. The study also found that most agribusiness entrepreneurs are pushed into agribusiness by failure to secure employment in other sectors or by the lack of requisite qualifications of educational levels required in other sectors. Entrepreneurs are recommended to be alert to opportunities in the agrarian sector and to engage in agribusinesses.

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