Achieving Sustainable Development, Exclusively Through the use of Green Technologies

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Green technologies, which are also known as clean technologies, refer to the development and extension of processes, practices, and applications that improve or replace the existing technologies facilitating society to meet their own needs while substantially decreasing the impact of human on the planet, and reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In recent years, climatic changes, global warming, energy depletion and other environment related concerns have led to the emergence of green technologies. Researchers believe that the increase in the level of sustainable development will result in sustainable economics and societies. Human activities are wreaking havoc on the environment at a rate of knots and if left unchecked could result in environmental degradation beyond repair. Green technologies become vital owing to human rash usage of modern technology which in turn adversely affect land, water bodies, the lower and upper atmosphere. Green technologies are important to protect human lives, our local environment and its biodiversity for future generations. Both environmental and economic impact and efficiency of technology should analyze before the implementation of the technology in question. It should be a win-win situation when economic and sustainable growths are highly emphasized. This research contains a review of works of literature, examples and findings of researchers which posits that sustainable development can be achieved exclusively through green technologies.

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