A study on impact of COVID -19 on studentâ??s learning and growing experience

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World is facing a massive crisis in learning and education system as the pandemic COVID -19 compel human society to change their life style worldwide. Society is being restricted in various activities which give a halt to the entire education system. To maintain social distancing, society need to cope up with all changes. The impact is very prominent in education sector. There is a suspension of classes in School, college and Universities from March, 2020 till date. To adjust with online mode of education including classes, examination, and internship is a tough challenge. Country like India where people are still deprived of electricity, digitalization is a myth. Students from low-income background, do not have access to internet, or minimum gazettes for online education and interactions are completely suffered. Not only that the overuse of mobile and internet increases the health issues including mental stress in many cases. The lack of face-to-face interactions, deviation from normal life style enhances the abnormalities in personal behaviours. People are here with no choice till the pandemic is over. Students need to adjust with the new normal lifestyle but there is a need for qualities, and some fruitful suggestions and alternatives should be generated to overcome this learning crisis.

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