Zenobia: CODIS 13 STR Loci Allele Detection Tool

Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) are one of the utmost mutable provinces in the human genome. They comprise tandem repeating DNA sequences ranging in length from two to six base pairs. Owing to their significant mutation rate, they exhibit considerable variation in pattern among populations and the capacity to be passed on from generation to generation. These loci are broadly employed in medicine, biology, and criminal investigation. They are pivotal in the genesis of a variety of genetic illnesses and have been intensively investigated in forensics, population genetics, and genetic genealogy. Although many implementations that manage STR loci are offered, the overwhelming majority of them rely primarily on the Command-Line Interface (CLI) inputs, which frequently necessitate the implementation of tools carried out in various scripting languages. Installing and launching programs through the Command Line (CL) is timeconsuming and/or unprofitable for many students and scholars. The fundamental intention of this project is to develop a cross-platform Graphical User Interface (GUI) package directed to the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) STR analysis. Zenobia is a Java-based application considered as a step in consistently making CL-only programs available to more apprentices and researchers. In general, Zenobia's application outcomes satisfy the evaluation metrics for efficiency and time consumption. However, more genetic markers should be introduced to increase productivity of the application.

Author(s): Osamah S Alrouwab, Esraa B. Algblawi, Moudah B Kareem, Sabreen A. Aboujildah, Magdi A. Allafi and Mahmoud Gargotti 

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