Voice User Interface: Literature Review, Challenges and Future Directions

Natural user interfaces are increasingly popular these days. One of the most common of these user interfaces today are voice-activated interfaces, in particular intelligent voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana and Siri. However, the results show that although there are many services available, there is still a lot to be done to improve the usability of these systems. Speech recognition, contextual understanding and human interaction are the issues that are not yet solved in this field.

In this context, this research paper focuses on the state of the art and knowledge of work on intelligent voice interfaces, challenges and issues related to this field, in particular on interaction quality, usability, security and, the presentation of new emerging technologies in this field will be the subject of a section in this work.

The main contributions of this paper are overview of existing research, analysis and exploration of the field of intelligent voice assistant systems, with details at the component level, identification of areas that require further research and development, with the aim of increasing its use, various proposals for research directions and orientations for future work, and finally and study of the feasibility of designing a new type of voice assistant and general presentation of the latter, whose realization will be the subject of a thesis.

Author(s): Rakotomalala Francis, Hajalalaina Aimé Richard, Ravonimanantsoa Ndaohialy Manda Vy and  Randriatsarafara Hasindraibe Niriarijaona

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