Validating a tool to measure HRQOL in diabetic Jordanians

Diabetes quality of life (DQOL) instrument has been broadly used to evaluate quality of life among diabetics. This study aims to develop a revised validated Arabic version of DQOL questionnaire in diabetic patients in Jordan. Patients were enrolled in this cross-sectional study from 1st, January through April/2019 at several public health clinics in Jordan. The original DQOL questionnaire was translated to Arabic and then back-translated by a different translator, then the two versions were compared. Prior to circulating the final version of the questionnaire cognitive validity test were applied to ensure that all the questions were clear. Then a questionnaire that included demographical and other health related questions in addition to the final Arabic version of the DQOL was circulated to the participants. The data of the questionnaire were analyzed using exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis after excluding duplicated questions and questions that included more than 15% missing data, also Cronbach alpha was conducted to confirm internal consistency. This study developed a validated Arabic version of DQOL that can measure quality of life of diabetics in the Arabic speaking world.

Author(s): Walid Al-Qerem

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