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Using the perception evaluation of safety climate for the development of leaders

The object of this research is to verify the perception by nursing professionals on Safety Climate in brazilian private institutions which initiated the preparatory program for the Qmentum International Certification, and use this result to structure strategy of development of leaders in their institutions. The analysis of the perception of Safety Climate was made based on the modified version of the Patient Safety Climate in Health Care Organizations and Canadian Patient Safety Climate Survey. This form is composed of thirty-eight items distributed in ten dimensions, whose answers are evaluated with the Likert scale. The answers were categorized into: Positive for Agree, Attention for Partially Agree, Negative for Do not agree and Not Applicable. The dimensions with negative results above 20% were considered unfavorable safety climate perception and positive results and attention above 80%, favorable.

The research questionnaire was answered by 1060 nursing professionals. The negative perceptions identified were related to Security Resources; Team Recognition; Team Leadership; Psychological Security; and Communication. The analysis showed that the favorable results are related to High Leadership; Learning and Work Norms and the recognition that patient safety is a strategic priority. Given this finding, GNDI High Leadership structured the Leadership Development Program, one of whose objectives is to develop nursing professionals in positions of supervision and management in non-technical competences such as empathy, dialogue, respect, recognition, quality and security and     communication, negotiation and conflict management. This program started in April and is due to finish in November 2019.

Author(s): Rosa Leda Bellini

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