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Use of Neuro-Robotic Exoscope for Neurosurgery in Pakistan A Case Series

Neuro-robotic exoscope’ is a recent advance. Reports on the use of this operative visualization system are few. In this study we have described our initial
experience with the use of Bright MatterTM system for various neurosurgical procedures. Methods: All patients who underwent neurosurgery using Bright MatterTM (Synapive Medical) at the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) from April 2016 to October 2016 were included in this retrospective study. Data was collected from medical charts. Descriptive analysis was performed using SPSS v  Bright MatterTM systems were used for a total of 71 cases. The exoscope was used with neuro-navigation and Diffusion Tractography Imaging (DTI) in 28 cases while in 7 cases it was used without navigation. During the same study period, neuro-navigation alone was performed for 36 additional cases but the exoscope was not used.

Author(s): Ghani Haider

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