T’imani a Multifunctional Solar System to Provide Cooking and Water Heating Rural Energy Needs


 Es study describes the development of a multifunction­al solar system designed for implementation in some communities in the Meseta Purepecha, Michoacan, Mexico. The multifunctional solar system device—called T’imani (in the Purepecha language) — consists of two modules designed for domestic use: one for cooking food, the other for heating water. The thermal character­ization is based on the use of standardized tests for both modules. The

parameters obtained indicate that use device is suitable for in the conditions of solar resources in this region. Additionally, a pilot test was carried out to implement some devices that show favorable preliminary results for domestic use. Hence, due to the device functionality and that in Mexico there is abundant solarresources it is fea­sible to implement the device in many places throughout the country.

Author(s): José Ángel Rodríguez Morales

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