The true essence of the stem cell - Hidden Facts About Stem Cells

An explanation of how: The origen of first stem cells on earth. The fact of cell differentiation. The fact of tissue culture. This paper is about a new theory on appearance of the first stem cells on earth. This theory explains that how and when the first animal and plant cells have arisen on the earth. This theory also says ( unlike scientists opinions )stem cells can be seen in unicellular organisms as well. According to this theory the course of appearance of the first stem cells is similar to endosymbiosis. The difference is that genes of two symbiotic cells have been merged. Nevertheless both cells can separate from each other but after separation genes of two symbiotic cells remain with them as safekeeping, thus they are able to generate the cell itself and the symbiotic cell too. Scientists call " distinction " the generation of the first stem cells from the cell concluded by symbiotic. Scientists are able to force cells to generate its symbiotic cell by tissue culture, but they don't know the nature and origin of the issue and can't answer the question the first stem cells how and when and where have come to exist.

Author(s): Ramin Amirmardfar

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