The Situation of Patients and The Medical Health Care in Future

New contributions to the development of health care give a different look to the place of the patient. It appears, that the outcome of medical treatments may depend of the specific medical and physiological condition of the patient and even other kind of conditions outside the patient may contribute to the results of the whole medical treatment. Economical or personal circumstances have their influence on the individual so that the same medical treatment appear with different outcomes. Paying attention to the patient as a unique individual will bring a lot of confidence in the medical relationship. The patient, who has to cope with so much information will be drawn to the right position so that he will follow the medical instructions and will find his way to recovery. In assisting patients of finding extra medical information or when they need to contact with their care supplier, the use of E-health facilities will help. New entities as effectiveness, participation of the patient, ethics, technics, digitization, multidisciplinary approach of research and consultation, deliver a total different look to the way as to how health care has to be secured. New specializations in medical law, medical management, tend to be developed day by day. Effectively working together by transparency in contact and behaviour will bring health care workers and patients closer to each other. New specializations of medicine will bring more effectiveness in using medical procedures. For example Translational Medicine tends to find the best effective way of setting up new treatments, new scientific investigations.

Author(s): Elisabeth TM van der Gulik and Emer Hon DL

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