The Mechanism of Cancer Cellular Genome Disorder and Comparison Therapeutic Effects of Modern Methods and New Method Cancer Treatment

There were described influences of viral oncogene affecting cellular genome which causes rearrangement nuclear chromosomes division with changing mitochondrial oxidative mechanism. The changed mitochondrial oxidative mechanism causes reverse influences on nuclear genome. Besides changed nuclear genome exerts change in cellular metabolic processes. These influences both in nuclear genome, in mitochondrial oxidative mechanism and in cellular metabolic processes change Internal Energy of cancer cells via changing chemical potential of cancer cells’ cytoplasms. The changes chemical potentials of cytoplasms in cancer cells change electrocapacity of cancer cellular capacitors promoting mechanism of autonomic cancer development. The mechanisms of all these transformations were explained in the article from the point of view of thermodynamics. Also there was described the comparisons between new method cancer treatment causing the damage of disorder cancer cellular genome via targeting Warburg effect mechanisms by using very small dosage cytotoxic substance against depressed cancer cells and modern methods cancer chemotherapy with using great dosage cytotoxic drugs.

Author(s): Michail Ponizovskiy

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