The Impact of Project Manager Soft Competences on Project Sustainability


 The current study suggests a different and innovative view by testing a unique combination of variables, which are unproven in a single model for the purpose of increas­ing the ratio of sustainable projects. The project manager can use the model to look their projects and can compose necessary changes for better outcomes. The study objects to postulate the competence breach of project managers with regard to sustainability, and to deliver direction that how to fulfil the research gap. The given work is centered on the result of project supervisor soft capabilities on project sustainability mediated by innovation. To achieve this aim, deductive approach was adopted. The sample size of the study was 242 respondents, and data were col­lected from software houses. The collected data were then analysed by doing the structural equation modelling in PLS-SEM in order to examine the relationships. The out­comes demonstrate positive impact of project manager soft competences on project sustainability and mediating impact of innovation among the relationship of project manager soft competences and project sustainability. In­novation is directly linked to project sustainable develop­ment, and was accepted, which aligns with the previous studies. This research reflects the role of project manager soft competences on innovation and project sustainabil­ity. The study is unique in its scope and implications as the focus is upon empirical investigation of the project manager soft competences and project sustainability in the context of Pakistan.

Author(s): Jian Xue

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