The effects of smoking cessation program including text messaging and telephone counseling using the stages of change for persons with myocardial infarction

The aim of this work - The study of clinical features according to paroxetine in women and the development of methods of treatment. Found that the main clinical features depending on paroxetine in women are: the prevalence of the clinical picture of mental disorders such as psychosis (atypical odds of delirium) and non-psychotic, excessive agitation, suicidal attempts, prone to aggressive actions to themselves or others, autonomic, somatic, and neurological and other disorders.
 In the literature known to us, we did not find treatments depending on paroxetine. We have developed a treatment based on current psychiatric disorders:

1. Dextrose 5% (5% glucose solution for injection) intravenous 1.0 liter + Thiamine (vitamin B1) + 250 mg ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 5.0 g + furosemide (Lasix) 2 ml/20 mg diphenhydramine + 1% - 2 ml. This mixture was injected intravenously once a day (in the afternoon) at 60 drops per minute ode, for 10 days

2. Haloperidol 0.5% - 1.0 ml + pipolfen (promethazine) 2.5% -2.0 ml intramuscular (morning and evening) for 10 days

3. With prior symptoms chlorpromazine (chlorpromazine) 2.5 % - 2.0 ml (or 4.0 ml) intramuscularly for 10 days

 4. Once a week reduced the dose to 10 mg Paxil (30-45 days Paxil   was fully lifted)

 5. Carbamazepine 1500 - 2000 mg per day orally

 6. Lamotrigine 300 mg per day, orally

 7. In the night of 1-2 mg clonozepam inside

 8. Amitriptyline 200 mg per day orally

After 10 days, psychotic (visual and auditory hallucinations) disorders were arrested. However, bouts of dysphoria, dizziness, sensory disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety, headache, agitation, nausea, tremor, sweating continued stay.

 Therapy with these 5-8 points was conducted over 45 days. Then, the drug is given in the following doses: carbamazepine, 1200 mg / day, lamotrigine 200 mg / day, 1 mg clonozepam the night inside. Amitriptyline remains in the same doses of another 3 months. The total duration of therapy was 8.6 months. Then as maintenance dose was left amitriptyline 100 mg in the evening, inside.

Summing up the results of the study it can be concluded that the main clinical features depending on Paxil withdrawal symptoms are severe, psychotic (visual and auditory hallucinations) and affective disorders (depressed mood with a touch of gloom, melancholy, gloomy discontent with malicious irritability, manifest or a combination of wistful melancholy, anxiety mood and irritability, passing for leggings and auto-aggression, suicidal attempt. mood changes usually occur acutely, in the first half of the day and 2-3 hours suddenly disappeared. Patients this is called a "crisis." From these data follows a logical conclusion: the treatment depending on paroxetine women should be targeted at those psychopathological syndromes that are characteristic of this disease. On the basis of clinical psychopathology, these patients were assigned to the above treatment

Author(s): Nadir Aliyev

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