The Effect of Polymeric Admixtures of Water Reduce of Superplasticizer and Setting Accelerator on Physical Properties and Mechanical Performance of Mortars and Concretes

The obtained results by various developed formulations have shown that the physical properties of the fresh cement paste formulated by this type of admixtures including the fluidity/the water content/the setting time has been improved on one hand, and the mechanical performance normally the porosity/the capillary absorption/the compressive strength, and durability of mortar or concrete in the hardened state has been improved on the other hand. Also, we have found that better physical and mechanical properties are between 0.5% SP103 and 2.5% SP103 of the polymeric admixture of superplasticizer by weight of cement. Beyond these percentages, the mechanical properties decrease considerably. This shows that the 2.5% of the polymeric admixture of superplasticizer SP103 is the saturation point.

Author(s): Mohammed Hussein Khudhair, Ahmed Elharfi and Mohamed Salahdine El-Youbi

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