The Correlation between First Trimesteric, Second Trimester HCG Serum Levels and Fetal Growth Restrictive Pattern and Development of Preeclampsia

Background: The goal of the current research study is to assess and evaluate the correlation between free HCG raised serum levels and gestational complications, IUGR and development of PET. The correlation is assessed at two phases analyzing first and second β-HCG levels and correlating them to occurrence of gestational complications in the same pregnancy.

Materials and methods: This are a prospective cohort study conducted in Saedy polyclinic, KSA records that supplied data on measured HCG levels in gestations with IUGR and PET, the Laboratory that supplied the comparison between the two readings of β-HCG.

Result: No statistical correlation was displayed or revealed regarding gestational complications and β-HCG in first or second gestational trimester’s measurements.

Conclusion: The obstetric risk of IUGR development is correlated with raised second gestational trimester β-HCG levels (>3.00 MoM). Keywords: HCG; Biochemical screening; Gestational complications; IUGR; PET

Author(s): Elsayed AE,  Mohamed RAM

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