Synthesis, characterization and application of zeolite catalyts for plastic recyling and studied plastic Pollution impacts on Astola Species(Pakistan)

Astola Island is a very rich biodiversity hotspot, acknowledged as the first marine protected area of Pakistan 15, June 2017.Astola Island also known as Jezira Haft Talar (Island of seven hills) The Green and hawksbill Turtle, the Arabian Humpback whale are considered endangered species, listed in IUCN red list. There is also a saw-scaled viper, endemic to island and it is the home to a variety of birds. The Island is rich in mega fauna.Plastic pollution decline biodversity of Astola Island. In developing countries like pakistan plastic pollution is prime and alarming issue which affected overall ecosystrm and also have environmental and human impacts with the upsurge in population and industrialization. The oldest method of degradation of plastic waste is incineration that was not an environmentally friendly solution for plastic degradation. Due to carbon dioxide emission released in the air but pyrolysis is the most promising technique for plastic waste management Plastic waste energy is the new paradigm for plastic related problems, so that plastics can be a potential new cheap energy source of important chemicals which are recyclable. Zeolites are crystalline microporous aluminosilicate materials which are stable over a wide range of temperature. Zeolite used as a catalyst for the production of variety chemicals and transport fuel.

Author(s): Misbah Younis

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