Synthesis and characterization of polyoxo- and peroxometalates containing rare earth elements (Gd, Nd, La)

Rare earth elements (REEs) are generally utilized in elite advancements including wind turbine magnets, electric vehicle batteries, lighting presentations, hardware, and public guard frameworks. A mix of extended expanding interest for REEs, monopolistic financial conditions, and ecological risks related with the mining and detachment of REEs has prompted huge interest in recuperating REEs from elective sources, for example, coal squander streams. In any case, quickly finding high-esteem squander streams in the field stays a critical test essentially due to slow diagnostic strategies, and existing methods with low restrictions of location, for example, inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometry experience the ill effects of high hardware and working expenses and an absence of conveyability. Then again, glow based sensors for REEs present a likely way for delicate, compact, minimal effort recognition.

Author(s): Alimardanov Kh.M., Dadashova N.R, Ahmadbayova S.F., Aliyeva N.M

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