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Study Directed toward Imparting to Persons Seeking to Become Physicians

Medical education and training varies considerably across theworld. Various teaching methodologies have been used inmedical education, which is an active area of educationalresearch. Medical education is also the subject-didacticacademic field of educating medical doctors at all levels,including entry-level, post-graduate, and continuing medicaleducation. Medical education applies theories of pedagogyspecifically in the context of medical education.Specificrequirements such as entrustable professional activities must bemet before moving on in stages of medical education. Entry-level medical education programs are tertiary-level coursesundertaken at a medical school. Depending on jurisdiction anduniversity, these may be either undergraduate-entry (most ofEurope, Asia, South America and Oceania), or graduate-entryprograms (mainly Australia, Philippines and North America).Some jurisdictions and universities provide both undergraduateentry programs and graduate entry programs (Australia, SouthKorea).

Author(s): Sarah Culbreth

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