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Stapler Assisted Total Laryngectomy: A Prospective randomized clinical study

Introduction: Closure of the pharyngeal defect after total laryngectomy had been traditionally performed with manual suturing techniques that invert the mucosal edge .This technique though effective yet it is time consuming. Recently the use of stapling devices to successfully close the pharyngeal defect after total laryngectomy has been advocated to shorten the operative time especially in the high risk cancer patients where a prolonged operative time is not preferred.No previous randomized prospective studies comapred the use of stapler to the conventional method of pharyngeal closure after total laryngectomy.

Objectives: The present study aimed at comparing stapler assisted total laryngectomy to suture closure total laryngectomy in a prospective randomized manner.

Methods: This is a prospective clinical study was conducted on 60 patients undergoing total laryngectomy at Alexandria Main University Hospital, Egypt. Patients with tumor extension to the hypopharynx or base of tongue were excluded from the study.

Results and conclusion: The use of the stapler is technically easy to perform and as equally as effective as the traditional neopharyngeal suturing techniques in patients undergoing total laryngectomy. The surgical time is reduced with shorter hospital stay and no increase in postoperative complications rate.

Author(s): Omar Ahmed

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