Software Project Planning, People Management, and Effects on Product Quality

Quite recently, enormous efforts have been made to improve the quality of software being produced. One of such ways has to do with the project planning process; another way is to effectively manage the people responsible for the overall success of the software being produced. Several software project plans exist depending on the type or projects and organization. The means of measuring how software is designed and how it conforms to that design is called software quality. Some of the factors that are observed during software quality are scalability, product quality, completeness, correctness, and total absence of bugs. These applied along with effective people management have been used in the past to prevent risk and enhance both delivery time and product quality. However, some gaps were identified in the earlier works done in this area and in project plans and people management designed for evaluating and controlling product quality prompting the development of modern techniques. Hence, this work tries to investigate different type of project plans and people management techniques leaning on the gaps in research; it attempts to create a framework for better software project planning and alleviation with the aim of enhancing delivery time and product quality.

Author(s): Obi Ibeto, Mutairu Gbadegesin , Imisi Fakunle and Ajayi S Wunmi

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