The research work which is presented here is basically an effort which is being made to analyze the significance of knowledge reuse in an academic environment. To achieve the object we will have to appreciate the role of knowledge sharing and the knowledge management as well as the best utilization of reusable tacit and explicit knowledge. Issues of knowledge quality and reusability in contemporary age have also been analyzed. For comprehend the above undertakings in greater details by applying the management of knowledge, we present discussion on the software reusability and its academic applications in an academic environment. In the present investigation the importance of reusable tacit and explicit knowledge in diverse learning situation which is extensively valuable for the country like India is being explored. In academic environment it is very much essential to analyze the flow of the knowledge. Reusability concept not only providing a way to achieve the desired objective but also encapsulating the tacit as well as explicit knowledge. Combination of the knowledge is quite interesting field in academic environment.  This study helps in optimization of educational resources by simple a technique of reuse. Present discussion also point out the enhancement of quality of tacit and explicit reusable knowledge as a result of its refinement in a three dimensional knowledge environment. Application of Information and communication technology can further exploit not only the effortless confined reusable knowledge while it also opens the enormous opportunity for trouble-free applications of reusable knowledge.

Author(s): Mohammad ShuaibKhan

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