Review on Trichosanthes species:Deserving Potential Pharmacological Properties and Boon in Medical Applications

Trichosanthes species of the Cucurbitaceae family, fruits of this species are good potential sources of various phenolic compounds and antioxidants with anticancer, antiproliferative, cardioprotective and antioxidant properties. Many research studies on Trichosanthes species reported that it contains important protein constituent known as Ribosome Inactivating Protein (RIP), it helps in formulation of anticancer agents. Biological components in species are valued as a stimulant for it medical properties like Anti-inflammatory, Antidiabetic, Antiulcer and Cardioprotective activities. This review is focused on emphasizing varied pharmacological properties of Trichosanthes species and its future prospects for improved usage in treating numerous conditions.

Author(s): V P B Rekha, B.R.S.S Srinivas Gupta, Prattipati Anusha, Jada Venkteswaralu, Mulpuri Ramesh Babu, Kollipara Manideep

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