Resource Orchestration in Corporate Social Responsibility Actions: The Case of “Roteiros de Charme” Hotel Association


 This article aims to identify the factors that generate a competitive advantage, based on resource orchestration, in associated companies in networks with an emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR). The “Roteiros de Charme” hotel association was the object of study, deepening the analysis into four hotels and hostels partic­ipating in the association, all located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The method chosen was qualita­tive comparative analysis (QCA), as it allows for the use of data from a small number of cases. The authors iden­tified that individual CSR strategy, the environmental impact of CSR actions and the structuring of companies’ portfolios of resources cover the possible causality and present consistency in the creation of a

competitive advantage based on resource orchestration. The analysis of the data showed that the companies asso­ciated can structure their portfolio of resources through bundled and leveraged resources for capacity building. The study represents an important managerial contribu­tion since it clarifies what they (resources) are and how the resources of the hotel and the association can be or­chestrated for a better financial, social and environmen­tal results. The present study makes a unique theoretical contribution when analyzing the effects on the competi­tive advantage of CSR actions with the use of the QCA method.

Author(s): Luciana Maines da Silva

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